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Homework assignments for borderline personality disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

❶The most useful and helpful treatment plan for the people suffering from BPD is to let them have a normal life with the care of their family.

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homework assignments for borderline personality disorder

The people who are diagnosed with BPD may be at risk and it also affects the family members of the person Roberts and Roberts, Their career, family, property and also their own life are in constant risk of being affected. People with BPD also affect their near and dear ones; their friends, family and partners.

The family members are in stress when they see that the person is suffering. They may feel helpless watching the person suffer and engage in destructive behaviors. Often the family members also experience psychological trauma when they experience the high risks of the mental disorder BPDFamily, Often the level of stress can lead to tension in marriage and also divorce and separation.

It is often seen that some of the family members move away from the family to avoid the stress of having a BPD in the family. BPD often affects the careers of a person. The problem arises when the person suffers from identity crisis.

It makes an individual hard to settle or focus on a career path. They cannot operate within deadlines and also cannot tolerate anyone dictating them and it often leads to losing their jobs. Several studies have been performed on people to find out the reasons as to why a certain person is prone to BDP. The studies have found that there are several childhood incidents that may lead to the mental disorder.

Socioeconomic deprivation, stressful life and trauma are some of the reasons of the increased BPD. Moreover bad parenting and psychiatric disorders may also lead to this disorder Spectrumbpd. The individuals who have a sensitive genotype are at a greater risk of having BPD.

When these people are disposed to the environment of serious tension and trauma, they may accumulate the disorder. This mental disorder has the risk of recurring illness and may even lead to adverse life events Sutton, The adverse experiences of childhood like abuse, trauma, and neglect and other interpersonal difficulties may lead to the mental disorders.

The individuals who have a history of mental disorder like for example our client Shayne who was having the disorder when she was 15 years and have been undergoing constant treatment from since then.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and recently been diagnosed with BPD. The cause of her mental disorder was a childhood sexual abuse by a relative against whom she has not taken any step Dsm5. She was unable to cope up with that trauma and has constant mental breakdown and tendency to hurt her repeatedly.

Moreover she is from a rich family background and her family is not bothered about her wellbeing and has given he all the luxuries but not the mental care and support that she needed. Often the problem recurs when the person goes through the same phase in the life.

Maybe there is a tense situation in workplace or an assault from some person. The BPD person will face difficulty in coping with the new addition of mental pressure and might lead to a breakdown. It is very difficult to diagnose the BPD as it sometimes overlaps the conditions of psychiatric disorders as well as bipolar disorders. Thus it is a challenge to identify the disease with experience. It is always necessary to consult an expert on this matter for the diagnosis.

The early symptoms of this disorder are that the person shows repeated unstable and intense behaviors with other people in a relation to him. The persons may be sent to a psychiatrist for counseling if they are found to be self harming and emotionally instable Davidson, If the person constantly feels empty and emotionally low then also the people around him needs to consult to an expert. Often the treatment is also very distressing for the person.

The doctor or the expert needs to be careful while treating the person not to traumatize him any further. The thing that needs to be handled is how the person is functioning socially and psychologically. The family also needs to ensure that the person is safe and causing no harm to him and the people surrounding him Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, There are various psychological theories that are effective in the treatment of the people suffering from BPD. The people who are suffering from this disease must be given a structured psychological treatment by professionals and experts.

The doctors should not choose to treat the person with medicine as medicines make fewer improvements or show no improvements at all.

The expert who treats the persons with mental disorders needs to handle the person with respect. The doctor must be caring and compassionate; he needs to be reliable and consistent also Understanding borderline personality disorder, The doctors must pay attention to the BPD people while listening to him so that the person clearly communicates with the doctor.

The most useful and helpful treatment plan for the people suffering from BPD is to let them have a normal life with the care of their family. The doctors must involve a care plan for the person by involving the family, friend and others who care for the person. The doctors must educate the family and the friends of the person in order to support the person mentally. The doctors should also educate the families to deal with suicidal attempts as well as self harm behaviours.

The family is also given advises on how they should interact with the person on a day to day basis. The family of Shayne as in this case must bear with her. They need to be supportive and show care and love towards her. They must stay calm and guide her in her journey. The family must speak to her and find out how she is dealing with her difficulties keeping in mind not to put pressure on her mind.

Her family must try and keep her happy not only by giving her all the luxuries but also by showing that they are there to support her and that they care for her well being. The family needs to take her to outings and associate her in works so that she is away from mental stress. Moreover the family can act as the guide for her and must help her in her needs.

It also allows time for addressing commitment to the therapy and aims to reduce identified problem behaviors. Telephone calls- Telephone consultation is designed to briefly assist clients to utilize appropriate skills to overcome obstacles in an effective manner. Also, it aims to maintain the therapeutic relationship and help the individual ask for help. It also helps therapists adhere to the treatment plan and helps to prevent therapist burnout.

Nurses should involve patient in all decision making so that decisions are based on an explicit, joint understanding and the person is encouraged to consider the various treatment options. Individuals with the borderline personality disorder tend to have intense relationships that are very unstable.

The fluctuations in their mood, involved with their anger; involved with their thought disturbances, and mixed with their paranoid thoughts about betrayal and abandonment by others; as well as their impulsiveness make it difficult to maintain relationships with others.

Borderlines have problems with their mood. Their mood is not manic, but alternates between normal and flat to moderate or severe depression Livesley These individuals also go through periods of intense anger that can interfere with effective social functioning.

Persons with borderline personality disorder are very vulnerable, and usually over-react to stress. People with BPD angrily fear the abandonment of their friend or loved one and have episodic angry outbursts in fear that the person might abandon him or her. Recent research has shown that medications can significantly relieve the suffering of borderline patients when used in combination with psychotherapy Livesley Individuals with the borderline personality disorder experience thought disturbances.

That is, the instability reflects the lack of any real sense of self or self-direction, and indeed these individuals report a feeling of emptiness Durand Individuals with BPD show self-mutilating and suicidal behavior.

The self-mutilating is a serious symptom but not well understood. This behavior does not seem to want to result in death but self-mutilation is often done to feel or experience themselves as real Durand The suicidal behavior stems from the feelings of depression and impulsively. Intense emotional instability, rapidly changing short-term moods and anxiety, chronic feelings of emptiness, sadness or depression may all lead to suicide attempts, or brief psychotic episodes.

The borderline personality disorder is diagnosed most frequently in women than in men Livesley One question in the research of borderline personality disorder is whether this is one disorder or a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder.

BPD plays a major role in many issues of public health such as substance abuse, domestic violence, gambling, shop lifting, sex addiction, AIDS, homelessness, child abuse, and adult and adolescent suicides. A significant number of people with BPD can be found in prisons or jails Burger Those with BPD are heavy users of mental health services because of frequent hospitalizations and emergency room visits due to suicide attempts.

Brief use of anti-anxiety medication may be required to relieve the episodic, intense anxiety of borderline patients Livesley Abnormal levels of dopamine in the brain may make it difficult in relating to other people, social isolation and sometimes in distorted perceptions of the world Durand Medications may reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, and paranoid thoughts.

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On Jan 1, , Noam Lindenboim (and others) published the chapter: Borderline Personality Disorder in the book: Handbook of Homework Assignments in . Today borderline personality disorder is primarily marked by instability, showing different symptoms at different times. Most of the symptoms revolve around problems of mood, mild disturbance in thought processes, and impulsive self .