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This code sample demonstrates creating a basic Windows Service application in VC++

Thank you Mohit for the clear and easy to understand sample code. It is very helpful to me. I can register and start the sample windows service in Windows 7 enterprise, however, the sample service could not start in windows server or windows server and generates an error, "Error The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Any suggestion to how I can fix this error? I am using Visual studio Try running the EXE on its own via command prompt and you will know the answer.

How stop and start action in code? Hi, I have a problem with stop and start service. You will need to include those 2 to be able to compile.

Service Status anmol 6-Oct How do I get the status of service as "running" while debugging the program? Application alan93 5-Sep 8: Would this be added to an exe project? I am not understanding how this relates to a separate exe running as a service.

You helped me understand windows services. Your example is simple and easy to understand. Please keep up good work. Thanks and i have a question! It is simple NeverForever 3-Nov It is enough for demonstration.

Service Installation Pulathisi Bhathiya 7-Aug Actually I followed every step. But the service installation should be explained more. Instruction on how to install service Eswar Yaganti Mar Can you modify the instructions to include this information.

I can think of a few good reasons to use a Windows Service instead of just a Desktop application. Windows services are able to run at all times, where as an application requires the user to launch it. So if you need to actively monitor events or run tasks then a service is used. That is why many of Windows components are a service. Also, they allow you to run your applications in various elevation levels.

So if there are tasks you need to run that require higher privileges then a service is helpful. These are just a couple of reasons and there are many more a quick google search will show. But if you are trying to decide between a Desktop application and Windows Service, I would see what your requirements are for the application and figure out if any of the requirements lead you to a Windows Service.

Hope my little explication help! My vote of 5 JH64 Feb Your code template is ok for MingW32 too, only that MingW32 does not like the goto statements but it is easy to refactor to not use goto and labels. I was searching in Google how to code a Windows service and this link was promising. The timeout problem brekehan Feb In the code example we are checking the stop event at the top of the loop in the worker thread. How are we to handle the problem of the actual work taking longer than 30 seconds to complete, such that the loop iterates and checks for the stop event in time, before the windows services throws up the timeout error?

Do demonstrate the problem, change the sleep to 5 minutes in ServiceWorkerThread, then hit stop on the service in the services control panel. The timeout problem Mohit Arora Feb A best practice would be to have any work that actually takes a significant amount of time 5 mins in your case to run that in a separate thread. Thus allowing the service worker thread to check the stop event frequently. Then you should be able to save any state and terminate your worker thread safely.

My Vote 5 Member Jan Can I vote 10? Many thanks for the help. What is the platform? Hi, I tried on Windows 8.

Could you help me? Hi, This was written for Windows 7. My vote of 1 Member May 2: My vote of 1 sasue11 3-Aug 7: NET Framework tab, scroll to System.

Add a class and configure it to inherit from ServiceBase:. Create a Main method for your class, and use it to define the service your class will contain; userService1 is the name of the class:. Override the OnStart method, and define any processing you want to occur when your service is started.

Override any other methods you want to define custom processing for, and write code to determine the actions the service should take in each case. Add the necessary installers for your service application. For more information, see How to: Add Installers to Your Service Application. Build your project by selecting Build Solution from the Build menu. Create a setup project and the custom actions to install your service.

For an example, see Walkthrough: Install and Uninstall Services. Introduction to Windows Service Applications How to: Create Windows Services How to: Log Information About Services Walkthrough:

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Mar 02,  · A basic Windows service in C++ (CppWindowsServ ice) This code sample demonstrates creating a basic Windows Service application in VC++.

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An article that shows how to create a simple Windows service in C++. Download sample - KB; Introduction. why not writing a simple desktop application/process? i mean which parts of jobs are getting easier to do if we use services or why should we use them? tnx: Re: purpose of service. The benefits of using custom-writing services are immense for foreign students. In addition, students with part-time jobs, older students who have families and those who are going through tough.

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Since we are tracking our Windows Service by writing some logs to file called, we can test the working condition of our Windows Service by looking at this log file. As you can see in the preceding screen, you can find the file at the physical location that . Ultius connects customers with the best American freelance writers for custom writing, editing and business writing services. 2, writers, 24/7 support and customers in 45+ countries.