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Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Sample

Don’t: Use a Functional Resume

❶I live in the USA, Kansas to be exact. Then promptly teach the kids how to do their own laundry.

Use Skills Format

About this sample resume:
1. Don’t be apologetic.
1. Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Samples

Depending on what your stay-at-home mom situation is, make sure you use the format that lets the employer easily see the best in you. However, they often underestimate what they have accomplished. Despite not being a nine to five job, those activities you took part in required exercising valuable skills that are easily transferrable to a prospective job.

Highlighting these skills in terms that demonstrate their value to your soon-to-be employer is the best way to ensure that you are taken seriously during your job search. In the sample below, note how our applicant has identified skills that she used while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and serving as the PTA Treasurer:. It is entirely possible that while you have been away from the workforce, the industry you want to work in has changed.

Perhaps the industry is incorporating more work with computers or other skills that you have little or no experience with, and now employers are looking for these skills on applicant resumes. If you prefer learning the old school way, take classes at your local community college or at other institutions to boost your skills. There are now alternatives to acquiring these skills than through work experience or going for another degree: Want to become fluent in a foreign language before tackling the job market?

Here are some options to get you there:. However, if you prefer learning the old school way, take classes at your local community college or at other institutions. You could then add the fact that you took these classes and the skills you learned from them to your resume. People are usually happy to pass on their advice.

Investigate joining an industry or professional group. Some organisations like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia actively provide help to members returning to work. Read the trade press relating to your sector as well as the business pages of newspapers. Do a bit of web surfing too. Generally research what is going on out there. The research methods double as job hunting methods so you can find work as you are re-introducing yourself to your sector.

Consider temping first as a way of building up some fresh experience without committing to a workplace. This will help understand the sort of work place culture that suits you.

Of particular interest to you is reading up on the employers who have family friendly policies. This might help you to target ads posted on the web by these employers. You will find many big employers mentioned on this site so do take a look and read about the sort of family friendly policies they offer.

You can also visit the websites of those companies who you will interview with. Make sure you read up on their policies on training, flexibility, work place culture, values and community work. It will tell you a lot about them. The answer to this question will be revealed during your research. In addition to short courses offered by professional and industry associations, you can find courses in software like Microsoft Office or MYOB through TAFE, private colleges and learn online courses.

Surf the web, look at ads in the career sections of newspapers and look online. Temp agencies will let you go in and use their self-taught computer programs to refresh basic admin skills such as typing and how to use different types of admin software. Some TAFEs also offer "return to work" courses. A guide to TAFE courses is available from your local newsagency or see our article Return to work courses.

In Queensland, you can also contact Women at Work International- www. Finally, remember that your re-entry may take time and trial and error. Instead, pay close attention to how people are responding to you. Assess and celebrate your progress and adjust your approach along the way.

And when you do land that position? Give yourself a huge high-five. Then promptly teach the kids how to do their own laundry. How to Kill it on Your Comeback Resume.

Rely on References

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Resume tips for full-time parents returning to work Although the Census Bureau doesn’t track the number returning to work, hundreds of thousands of parents decide to venture back to the workplace every year. These tips will help you get your resume noticed despite the employment gap.

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Check out these stay at home mom resume examples to help you get a new job. How to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume. By Resume Genius. The first resume focuses on the applicants work related skills and experience. If yours is limited, you can instead start with your education.

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Resumes for Moms Returning to Work. Resume Writing Debra Wheatman. Many people who took an extended absence from the workforce and now returning to work are confounded about how to showcase their skills on their resumes. Our career coaches and resume writers help you with your job search! The following sample resume gives you an example of how this approach might come together. Use professional words and keywords to help de-emphasize informal training or work experience. Click here to view this resume.

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How to Kill it on Your Comeback Resume. by. Jenny Foss. WANT HELP CREATING YOUR COMEBACK RESUME? We've got your back. Talk to a Resume Expert Today. Motherhood, Returning to Work, Resumes, Job Search, Parenthood, Syndication, Resumes & Cover Letters, Working Parents. Returning to work won't happen instantaneously. It takes some time to find the right job! You could use this time performing a contract job or freelance work to help fill your gap. Instead, organize your resume by work experience and related skills instead of including a chronological listing of your work history. This way you can.