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❶Given that what is being measured here are the attitudes about spiritual realization it makes a difference whose attitudes are being surveyed.

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This page online training program provides a flexible, low labor, and low cost approach to implementing undergraduate student job search skills and motivation training into psychology courses. Designed to be easily modifiable, this module can be presented via online survey software e.

Although this resource should be useful for any instructor wishing to embed job search training in their courses, it will likely especially benefit internship advisors, psychology instructors teaching career-focused courses, and industrial-organizational psychology instructors discussing application and selection processes. University of North Carolina, Asheville Description: The resource provides instructors with the tools needed to integrate a helping skills curriculum into practicum-centered courses.

Part 1 summarizes research establishing the theoretical and empirical basis of a helping skills curriculum. Part 2 provides a set of handouts, which can be distributed to students, summarizing each of 10 specific helping skills. University of Cincinnati Description: This page resource provides advisors and students with specific information about admission requirements to art therapy graduate programs and identifies specific psychology and fine arts courses required for admission.

This resource is composed of the following four parts. This resource introduces a game-based approach to out-of-class activities for Introductory Psychology students.

Because of the asynchronous nature of the activities and required social media documentation, these activities can be used in traditional as well as online settings.

Mitchell and Janina M. Following the presentation of material, students can take a quiz and print out their results to turn in to their instructor. In addition, a 5-page document summarizes for instructors what students will be learning. The Taskforce created two sets of statistical literacy standards: In addition they created a page annotated list of resources that provides examples of the kinds of resources that might be useful for instructors who want to implement the learning goals.

The purpose of this resource is to provide students with a research-based study strategy creating flashcards designed to help them understand, prepare for, and take multiple-choice tests more successfully. The 32 slides that accompany the introductory article familiarize students with three types of cognitive processes their instructors will commonly ask them to use in their classes and then invite them to model the behavior of their instructors by creating flashcards.

Their flashcards should contain verbatim definitions for retention questions, accurate paraphrases for comprehension questions, and realistic examples for application questions. This resource is an empathy-based privilege and oppression awareness intervention that can be used to help students engage in difficult dialogues surrounding the issues of privilege, oppression, and intersectionality. Meridith Pease Selden Affiliation: In-class activities and detailed instructions including screen shots are appropriate primarily for the graphing unit in a statistics or research methods class, but other instructors who want to help students read primary sources can select particular stand-alone activities from the set provided.

University of Toronto Description: This page resource describes the first workshop from a newly developed series of critical thinking workshops aimed at early undergraduate students. An Introduction to Good Thinking , introduces students to the notion of actively open-minded thinking and emphasizes the idea that critical thinking involves habits, skills, and mindsets that can be developed and continually improved with practice.

The purpose of this resource is to offer instructors a brief, effective, and freely available guide that will enable them to incorporate lessons on critical thinking into their existing courses or allow them to run their own critical thinking workshop. The resource includes a list of learning outcomes for the workshop, corresponding lessons and activities, as well as potential assessment strategies.

Throughout the resource, the authors also offer insight into which strategies or activities have worked particular well for them, and offer suggestions for alternatives or variations that may work well for others. Busting Anxiety, Boosting Ability Gallagher and Shevaun L. This page comprehensive teaching manual describes a novel application of social-emotional learning in the college classroom. It describes an easy-to-implement and scientifically-driven intervention targeting the stress and anxiety experienced by students both within and outside of the classroom.

The program includes 15 short, weekly activities that promote key mindfulness and anxiety-reduction practices. Included in the manual are all program materials including a detailed narrative describing the implementation of the program , as well as an empirical assessment of the efficacy of the program, ideas for possible variations of the program, and a summary of key background research with accompanying references and recommended readings.

This Class is a Joke! Humor as a Pedagogical Tool in the Teaching of Psychology Segrist and Stephen D. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Description: Instructor Resources for Psychology: Learning to Blog -- Blogging to Learn Psychology in Communities Wiki.

International Twitter Poster Conference. Membership Join or Renew Membership. Graduate Student Teaching Association. Members Only Pages Member Profile. International Travel Awards Committee. Early Career Travel Grant. E-xcellence in Teaching Blog. Teaching Resources Teaching resources are documents that can pertain to any aspect of teaching. The University of Iowa Description: This page paper provides resources to psychology instructors at the high school, college, and doctoral levels to educate students about licensure.

Components discussed include the history of licensure in health service psychology, a rationale for educating students about licensure, reputable resources that instructors can use to foster student knowledge of professional practice, and best practices for licensure education at different levels of training e.

Burke, and Joshua Schoenfeld Affiliations: This page article discusses several changes found in DSM-5, including modification to the definition of a mental disorder, the elimination of multiaxial diagnosis, proposed changes to Personality Disorders, and diagnostic alterations involving childhood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder.

The authors provide practical suggestions for teaching these changes to undergraduates. Why Does Johnny Tantrum? Introduction to Resources and Background Part 2: Student Handouts Part 3: Creating a Successful Career in Art Therapy: Barber and Sarah F. University of Iowa Description: This 29 page paper describes the potential causes of, consequences of, and solutions to the imbalance between the number of graduate students seeking clinical and counseling internships and the availability of accredited internship sites.

Its aim is to help educate undergraduates before they commit to a graduate program. I identify Internet resources that can enable users to easily obtain authoritative, detailed, and up-to-date information about the specifics of particular occupations, and conditions in the contemporary U.

Doctor of Psychology Programs Today: Location, Accreditation, Administration, Specialization Author: Brynolf and Stephen C. Wright State University Description: This Doctor of Psychology Psy. Program Guide is a quick reference for both prospective Psy. There are currently Psy. Helms and Laura L. This page document introduces the field of sport psychology, provides guidelines for advising students and suggestions for appropriate courses.

University of North Carolina at Asheville Description: This page document describes 15 helping professions both within and outside psychology. Career advisement brochure for use with undergraduates Writing Letters of Recommendation for Students: How to Protect Yourself from Liability Author: Ball State University Description: Jefferson Community College Description: This textbook, originally published in , provides empirical research addressing common questions and myths as well as instructive clinical case studies demonstrating how punishment contingencies change behavior.

Malloy University of California at Irvine Description: This publication suggests topics that could be incorporated into a curriculum on child maltreatment, along with a list of references about each topic. The introductory and advanced resources are organized in the following sections: The Task Force compiled annotated bibliographies of teaching resources, including books, book chapters, journal articles, films, websites, and other media.

The resources were developed for teachers of psychology at the high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level. Diversity Related Bibliography and Resources Author: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Description: This page document lists bibliographic material and website resources that can help faculty integrate diversity materials into graduate and undergraduate psychology courses.

The suggested chapters, articles, and websites can be inserted into class discussions, assignments, and readings. Undergraduate or graduate students can also use the resource to start their research on a particular multicultural or diversity topic.

The resource is organized into 5 sections: Understanding and Expanding Multicultural Competence in Teaching: A Faculty Guide Author: Linh Nguyen Littleford Affiliation: This page document addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about diversity and teaching and discusses why it is vital that psychology instructors be effective with culturally diverse students. It concentrates on the three components of instructional proficiency needed to achieve multicultural competence: It offers specific, practical skills relevant to cultural knowledge and self-awareness, together with a list of selected resources.

Informational Resources Author: This page document contains two annotated bibliographies of materials on genocide, torture, and human rights issues written from a psychosocial perspective. The first bibliography includes major journal articles, book chapters, books, and Internet resources on these issues organized by topic. The second bibliography is comprised of reference materials for background information and further study.

In addition, there is an annotated list of relevant journals. This page document contains an annotated bibliography of materials on war, ethnopolitical conflict, terrorism, and peace issues written from a psychosocial perspective. The bibliography includes major journal articles, book chapters, books, and Internet resources on these issues organized by topic.

Psychology of Peace and Mass Violence: Instructional Resources Author: This page document consists of resource materials for developing whole courses and lectures on mass violence and peace. For incorporating specific topics into existing courses, lecture suggestions and selected references are given.

For developing and revising whole courses, sample syllabi are provided. Wheeling Jesuit University Note: William Hill, IV Affiliation: Kennesaw State University Description: A Manual of Resources Author: Scott University of St. Students learn how to correct these errors as they progress through five sections of the tutorial: The resource includes an introduction describing the tutorial and a pool of true-false and multiple choice quiz questions.

The answer key for the quiz can be found by accessing the resource after logging into the members-only site or by e-mailing the author. Stowell Eastern Illinois University and R. This resource is composed of 73 short YouTube videos of college teachers displaying qualities associated with elements of master teaching. Information about each clip is contained in a table that lists the clip length, course discipline, course level, and specific teacher behaviors demonstrated.

The videos could be incorporated into teaching seminars, graduate student training, faculty development efforts, and research studies on the impact of viewing elements of master teaching behaviors. An Overview Author: Antioch University Los Angeles Description: This page resource is an annotated listing of documentary films with content relevant to teaching psychology. The films cover contemporary issues, themes, and perspectives; running times are compatible with typical course schedules; and the films are available in DVD format.

An introductory section describes how to navigate the resource. The following list of films includes brief descriptions of hundreds of films that can be used to illustrate various aspects of psychopathology for courses in Abnormal Psychology. The films are classified according to major category e. Each film is rated on a 5-point scale using psi symbols; any film with a rating of 4 or 5 is likely to be enjoyed by students and psychologically relevant.

Quotations from films are interspersed throughout the list. The experience of viewing these films will be enhanced if students watch them in small groups. This page resource lists a large number of films that are relevant to classes in positive psychology and related subjects. The films are classified according to the positive psychology typology developed by Peterson and Seligman Only films that rated 3 or higher on a 5-point scale are included.

Using Film to Teach Psychology: Christian Brothers University Description: This page resource offers instructors tools for using films to enhance their instruction Note: Charles Abramson and Melanie Page Affiliation: Oklahoma State University Description: This website describes the contributions of women in psychology dating back to the 19th century.

A Teaching Resource — Module 8 added in Author: This page resource introduces each of 8 sexual orientation topics and reviews books, journal articles, documentary and feature films, and web sites for each, including: Although interest in I-O psychology has grown among students, very few introductory psychology textbooks cover the topic. The "dissertation et jure dignitatis" is considered to be a full academic degree. Although higher doctorates such as DSc, DLitt, etc.

The university will appoint a panel of examiners who will consider the case and prepare a report recommending whether or not the degree be awarded. Some universities, seeking to differentiate between substantive and honorary doctorates, have a degree often DUniv, or Doctor of the University which is used for these purposes, with the other higher doctorates reserved for formally examined academic scholarship.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has the authority to award degrees. These " Lambeth degrees " are sometimes, erroneously, thought to be honorary; however the archbishops have for many centuries had the legal authority originally as the representatives of the Pope , later confirmed by a Act of Henry VIII , to award degrees and regularly do so to people who have either passed an examination or are deemed to have satisfied the appropriate requirements. Between the two extremes of honoring celebrities and formally assessing a portfolio of research, some universities use honorary degrees to recognize achievements of intellectual rigor.

Some learned societies award honorary fellowships in the same way as honorary degrees are awarded by universities, for similar reasons. A typical example of university regulations is, "Honorary graduates may use the approved post-nominal letters.

Written communications where an honorary doctorate has been awarded may include the letters "h. The recipient of an honorary degree may add the degree title postnominally , but it should [ citation needed ] always be made clear that the degree is honorary by adding "honorary" or "honoris causa" or "h.

In some countries, a person who holds an honorary doctorate may use the title "Doctor" prenominally , abbreviated "Dr. Sometimes, they use "Hon" before the degree letters, for example, "Hon DMus". In recent years, some universities have adopted entirely separate postnominal titles for honorary degrees.

This is in part due to the confusion that honorary degrees have caused. For example, an honorary doctorate from the Auckland University of Technology takes the special title HonD since it is now common in certain countries to use certain degrees, such as LLD or HonD, as purely honorary.

Some universities, including the Open University grant Doctor of the University DUniv degrees to selected nominees, while awarding PhD or EdD degrees to those who have fulfilled the academic requirements. American universities do not have the system of "higher doctorates" used in the UK and some other universities around the world. At the universities of Oxford , Dublin and Cambridge , many senior staff are granted the degree of Master of Arts after three years of service, [15] [16] and at Amherst College all tenured professors are awarded a Master of Arts degree at an academic convocation in the autumn, even though the school only offers an earned Bachelor of Arts degree Amherst awards honorary doctorates at commencement in the spring to notable scholars and other special invitees.

Brown University and Harvard University also award tenured faculty, who do not have a degree from their respective schools, the AM ad eundem. These ad eundem or jure officii degrees are earned degrees, not honorary, because they recognize formal learning. Similarly, a jure dignitatis degree is awarded to someone who has demonstrated eminence and scholarship by being appointed to a particular office.

These, also, are properly considered substantive rather than honorary degrees. The University of Virginia founded in was probably the first US university to explicitly have a policy of not awarding honorary degrees at the behest of its founder, Thomas Jefferson. MIT has on rare occasions awarded honorary professorships; Winston Churchill was so honored in , as was Salman Rushdie in Some universities and colleges have been accused of granting honorary degrees in exchange for large donations.

Honorary degree recipients, particularly those who have no prior academic qualifications, have sometimes been criticized if they insist on being called " Doctor " as a result of their award, as the honorific may mislead the general public about their qualifications.

It can be similarly misleading when respected individuals are referred to as "Professor", especially in a university or government context. The awarding of an honorary degree to political figures can prompt protests from faculty or students. In , George W. In , as a deliberate snub, the University of Oxford voted to refuse Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree in protest against her cuts in funding for higher education. In at the University of Western Ontario , Dr. Henry Morgentaler , a gynecologist involved in a legal case decriminalizing abortion in Canada R.

Morgentaler , was made an honorary Doctor of Laws. Over 12, signatures were acquired asking the UWO to reverse its decision to honor Dr. Few people object when an honorary degree is awarded in a field that the awardee is noted for.

Although some students objected to awarding a degree to a Muppet, Kermit delivered an enjoyable commencement address and the small college received considerable press coverage.

Kermit has used his celebrity to spread positive messages in public service announcements for the National Wildlife Federation , National Park Service , the Better World Society, and others. In , protesters demanded that the University of Edinburgh revoke an honorary degree awarded to Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe in The University subsequently revealed plans to review its honorary degree policy and strip certain figures of their honorary degrees who did not deserve them.

When considering revoking the honorary degree of a political figure, such reasons as human rights abuse or political corruption would be considered. As a result, it was announced that Mugabe had been stripped of his honorary degree. The University also planned to have a more rigorous selection procedure regarding potential recipients of honorary degrees, in an attempt to rectify the trend of awarding degrees to celebrities.

Crow refused to give an honorary degree to US President Barack Obama for his lack of adequate qualifying achievements thus far. In February , Rosmah Mansor , the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia , Najib Razak was controversially awarded an honorary doctorate by the Curtin University for "services to childhood education".

By convention, recipients of honorary doctorates do not use the title "Dr" in general correspondence, although in formal correspondence from the university issuing the honorary degree it is normal to address the recipient by the title. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Honorary Doctorate. Not to be confused with honours degree. List of honorary degrees. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on 30 March The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 4 October University of Southern Queensland.

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Criteria for Spiritual Realization Timothy Conway's PhD dissertation on optimal well-being, spiritual realization and traditions of spirituality and psychology.

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