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Pretty icon of horizontal lines. Quicklinks Group Quick Link. How do I apply to graduate? The deadlines to apply for graduation are as follows: October 1 Winter Quarter: January 15 Spring Quarter: February 1 Summer Sessions: How can I update my major or minor? Simply click on the arrow and follow the prompts to submit your changes. You will receive a confirmation email once you have processed the changes.

Simply click on the arrow and follow the prompts to request your DePaul transcript. DePaul Central processes these requests within 48 hours.

What is a learning domain? Where can I study abroad? Each program lists specific information and details. For more information on a specific program, feel free to visit the Study Abroad walk in advising hours. How do I apply for degree conferral?

How can I calculate my major GPA? What is a domain elective? Instead, you are allowed to select electives that are coded as learning domain courses. How can I challenge a grade? The new grade will replace the original grade in the GPA. To view the transcript, temporarily remove your pop-up blocker on your computer to access your transcript.

When do I register for summer? For specific Communication scholarship information, please monitor our website and your email for opportunities. To ensure you receive a diploma, students must apply to graduate in Campus Connect see question above How do I apply to graduate?

DePaul holds one commencement ceremony a year in mid-June. Students who are graduating in the current academic year the academic years run Autumn to Summer can walk the June ceremony of their academic year.

If you plan to attend the optional June commencement ceremony, you must order a cap and gown. Cap and gown information, as well other pertinent ceremony information can be found here. Please note that the College of Communication does not provide honor cords for the graduation ceremony. Where can I find an internship? Your accuracy in transcribing your competencies. Your thoroughness in this transcription.

The specificity of your X competence statements as reflections of your acquired knowledge, skills and abilities. The Resume Will be assessed on the basis of the following: Your format, including the logical and readable compartmentalization of information within and between sections of the resume.

Your logic and consistency in the use of fonts, typeface, bold text, underlined text, italicized text. Your logic and consistency in grammar for the lists that you create.

Economy and relevance of the information you include. Your thoroughness in the proofreading of your document. Graduate School Application Essay Will be assessed on the basis of the following: The clarity and specificity with which you state your purpose.

Your format, including paragraph style, paragraph order, and document structure. Your attentiveness to the audience you address. Your success in capturing audience interest. Your attentiveness to grammar and sentence structure.

Your care and thoroughness in the proofreading of your document. Transferable learning from Externship OR Advanced Project will be assessed on the basis of the following: Your reference to detailed and specific examples in describing the learning experience. Your specificity in reflecting upon the learning experience. Your application of the experience to learning that occurred as a result of it.

Your grammar and style. Commentary on Peer Submissions Will be assessed on the basis of the following: Reflective Essay on Myself as a Mentee Will be assessed on the basis of the following: Your reference to the assigned articles and skills inventory, with detailed and specific examples in describing the learning experience. Contribution to "Reflection in Celebration" Discussion Will be assessed on the basis of the following: The specificity of the insight that you share with the group.

General Assessment Criteria for All Writing Assignments All writing assignments are expected to conform to basic college-level standards of mechanics and presentation. Back to Top Discussion Forums Discussion Forums are an important component of your online experience. Assessment Criteria for Online Discussion Participation In order to receive credit for your participation in the online discussion parts of the course it is important that: You are able to contribute to the online discussions in a collegial fashion beginning your postings by addressing, where appropriate, your peer students by name.

To ensure that your resume is quality and impressive, keep in mind some of the guiding principles of teacher resume writing when composing it. When reviewing your resume, the first question the hiring committee will seek to answer is whether you are certified and, if so, in what field.

If they have to mount an archaeological dig to unearth the information, they may simply discard your resume. When listing your certifications, including not just the technical names of each, but also what grades and subjects each certification qualifies you to teach.

Also include the date each certification was issued and the date each will expire. Focus on action in your experience section through the effective use of action verbs. When you list your responsibilities under each former employer or student teaching experience site, start each with a strong action verb. Prove that you are hip to the latest trends in education by peppering your resume with buzz words. If possible, use terms like team teaching, balanced literacy, interdisciplinary learning and thematic unit when describing your previous experience.

By including these trendy terms, you can prove that you are up on the current practices in education and motivated to innovate your instruction as trends change.

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