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Physics Homework Help
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The coming revolution in physics education. Do electrical engineers actually use Circuit Analysis skills? Line Integral for Electromagnetic Force. Is the ground state energy of a quantum field actually zero? Special and General Relativity. Special relativity - frame of reference. Atomic and Condensed Matter. Band gap vs pressure? High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics.

The Maxwellian Averaged Cross Section. Beyond the Standard Model. Double integrals line vs. Sequences for infinitely nested radicals. Metric for knowing when numerical BC is "good". Proving that a subgroup is normal. Linear and Abstract Algebra. Can this type of transformation be non-linear? Hessian as "Square" of Jacobian? Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics. Seat arrangements around a rectangular table. Wind loads for circular cross-section lattice structures? Estimation of the damping coefficient of a suspenion.

Is power lost in an AC adapter? Materials and Chemical Engineering. The electrical excitation of quantum dots. What are the final speeds? A bullet embedding into a block. Two billiard balls colliding. A box sliding down a hill onto a friction ramp.

A box shot up a ramp by a spring. A box shot across a patch of friction by a spring. A box shot up a ramp by a spring that encounters a friction patch first. A person who jumps on a sled then slides down a ramp into a spring. A person on a ski jump. A heavy block being dropped onto a spring. A block sliding down an incline into a spring. A block hanging from a rope. A ball shot from an air gun. A piano being lowered by three ropes. What are the tensions? A block held against a wall. What are the forces on it?

A ball thrown at some angle above the ground. How far will it go? Will the ball clear the net? A cannon ball being shot off of a cliff. A ball being launched toward a cliff. Will it make it onto the cliff? A rocket being launched straight up. How high will it go and how long will it be in the air? Two people trying to catch each other. A car driving between two trees. What is its speed and acceleration. Find the electric field outside of a glass bead. Find the electric field at the center of three charges on a circle.

Find the electric field outside of an electric dipole. Find the electric field in the space near two charged glass rods. Find the electric field around two charged rings. Find the electric field in between two infinite line charges. Find charges on and field around two charged disks.

What is an unknown charge to make the Coulomb force balance on another charge. Motion of an electron shot between two parallel charged plates. A charge is fired between two capacitor plates. What is the potential and speed of the charge?

A proton fired between two parallel plates. Find things about its motion. What are the field and potentials between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor.

What is the potential energy due to three charges? What is the potential energy at the corner of a square where the other 3 corners have charges?

Find capacitance and charge on two aluminum electrodes. Find the charge flowing onto a capacitor when a switch is closed. Find the potential difference on capacitors in a circuit. Charge a capacitor in a circuit by closing a switch? Find the equivalent capacitance of 3 capacitors. Find the equivalent capacitance of two different circuits. Find the equivalent capacitance and charge on capacitors in series.

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Start getting better grades in physics. Expert physics tutors online 24/7, ready to help with physics homework and test prep. Get a physics tutor now. Home | Visual Physics | Homework Help | Basic Interactions Physics Problems (video solutions) Statics. Person walking on a plank. How far can they walk before it tips? Angle a ladder can be placed without slipping. What are the support forces for a plank with a person walking on it?

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